Berries & Cream Mini Popsicles

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Berries & Cream Mini Popsicles are the perfect small snack for a summer day.  The recipe here uses 40% heavy cream, however you may also dilute the cream for lower ratios or even use full fat, unsweetened coconut milk for a dairy free option. The popsicles were made using "ring pop" molds. Click the links to find these in The Charlie Foundation's Amazon Store. 

Pink Molds

Green Molds

Toddler Molds 

Recipe makes approximately 1 mini popsicle

Each serving provides:

~62 Calories  Rato: 3.7:1

0.39 gm Protein

6.1 gm Fat

1.26 gm Carbohydrate


5 grams fresh blueberries

5 grams fresh raspberries

15 grams 40% heavy cream

optional: liquid stevia drops

water if needed to fill the popsicle molds


First, place the berries in the popsicle molds.

Next, add the heavy cream and liquid stevia to the berries. Add water to the molds to fill to the top. 

Note: The ring pop molds are slightly different sizes. Start with the smallest mold and adjust your snack calculation to fit your specific needs, making sure the ingredients fit into the mold. For the larger molds, dilute the cream with water to fill the remaining headspace.





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