Coconut Mayonnaise

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Seal approval GCF small

Recipe makes 20 servings

Each 15 gm (1 T) serving provides:

100 calories  Rato: 41:1

0.6gm Protein

11 gm Fat

0.1gm Carbohydrate


50gm (1) raw mixed egg (crack open egg, mix contents then weigh) - Pasteurized
35 (2)egg yolks - Pasteurized
1 gm(1/2 tsp Mustard (powder)
15gm (1 T) Fresh Lemon Juice
1.5gm (1/2 tsp) Salt
1gm (1/8 tsp) White pepper
100gm (1/2 cup) Coconut Oil (melted if solid)  
100gm (1/2 cup) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Directions & Comments

1. Put the eggs, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt, and pepper into a food processor or blender: Then with the processor or blender running on low speed, start adding your oils very slowly. Start out with drops and then work up to about a 1/16-inch stream. It should take about two minutes to add the oil.

2. Continue blending until there is no free standing oil.

Place in a container with an airtight cover and refrigerate. Stays fresh for 1 month.


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