Hamburger on a Stick

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Gluten FreeThe Charlie Foundation is pleased to present this Ketogenic Diet approved recipe with the collaboration of our partner site

Forget the buns! Serve food on a stick, it usually goes over well with kids and adults alike. This is a typical grilled hamburger, deconstructed and put on a stick. It has all of the traditional ingredients, including the pickle on top. I chose to use mustard as the flavor for the dipping sauce, but you could use sugar-free ketchup, Walden Farms brand BBQ sauce or ketchup, mayonnaise or even ranch dressing. The mustard dip makes a large portion, so if you’re not a “heavy dipper” I would recommend some fat to be served on the side in a way that you prefer.

A hamburger can not be served without a side dish! I made this broccoli slaw as a different twist on regular coleslaw. The broccoli is raw, but you could lightly steam it to make the broccoli more mellow. Additionally, if pomegranate seeds are not available, use a little shredded apple.

The entire meal pictured is a total of 427 calories and a 4:1 ratio. The broccoli slaw is a separate recipe from the hamburger and dip. They do not need to be served together.

(253 calories 4:1 ratio) (Notation: casein-free if ghee is used in place of butter)


  • 29g 80% lean ground beef, RAW
  • 5g fresh tomato, cut into one chunk
  • 3g iceberg lettuce cut the same size as the tomato
  • 3g dill pickle, I used Bubbies brand
  • 15g butter, room temperature
  • 7g olive oil
  • 10g yellow mustard
  • salt/pepper, garlic powder
  • wooden skewer


Soak wooden skewers in water for at least 30 minutes to prevent them from catching on fire! Season the raw meat with salt, pepper and a pinch of garlic powder. Press it onto the skewer into a ball making sure it is an even thickness around all sides. Carefully grill the meat until it is cooked thoroughly.

Skewer the lettuce, tomato and pickle on the end of the skewer.

Mix the room temperature butter, oil and mustard together until it is well combined. You will need to use a fork or a small whisk to help the butter blend in. Serve the dip with the hamburger stick.

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