Chicken Nuggets

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This is an example of a recipe from The Keto Cookbook written by Dawn Martenz & Laura Cramp, RD.  All recipes in The Keto Cookbook are 4:1 ratio and approximately 400 calories. The recipes will need to be modified for individual nutritional needs, but already demonstrate how to include maximum fat. 

Chicken Nuggets are a familiar and favorite meal for many people.  This recipe holds an enormous amount of fat to achieve a 4:1 ratio! They will feel less greasy if they are served cold, or you could choose to use some of the fat in a mayonnaise based dipping sauce.

Makes 1 serving, about 5-6 nuggets

Each serving provides:

406 calories  4:1 Ratio

8.53gm Protien

40.54gm Fat

1.6gm Carb


22g egg whites, whipped into stiff peaks

17g chicken breast, cooked, shredded

2.5g coconutfFlour, Bob’s Red Mill

0.5g baking powder

20g olive oil

12g European style butter

23g 40% heavy cream


salt, pepper, pinch of garlic powder


1. After measuring all ingredients on a gram scale, shred the chicken into very small pieces.  

2. Add the coconut flour, baking powder and optional salt, pepper and garlic powder to shredded chicken.  Stir to coat chicken.  The mixture should look very dry.   

3. Add the oil to chicken mixture and mix again.  Add the egg whites to the chicken and fold in until combined.  

4. Melt the butter in a small non-stick frying pan.  Drop the chicken and egg mixture on the pan in small nugget size shapes and fry for about 1 minute.  Flip to fry the other side until cooked thoroughly, about 1 minute.  

5. Remove the cooked nuggets to a plate and scrape any remaining butter out of the pan onto the nuggets.  Serve with cream diluted with water as “milk”. 


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