Chicken Tenders

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A light batter turns chicken into a tasty finger food. Once prepared, the nuggets can be dipped in mayonnase (with a pinch of dill weed as shown here) or a mixture of mayonnaise and a low carb salad dressing. Kids will love these golden nuggets. Quantities are provided to demonstrate the approximate proportion of ingredients. This recipe was submitted by Tina Latham, mother of Abe.


•   3gm Cream - 36%

•   3gm Egg yolk, raw - mixed well

•   2gm Coconut flour - Bob's Red Mill Organic

•   15gm Chicken breast - raw

•   6gm Vegetable oil (Canola, Smart Balance, Olive etc)


1.    Weigh chicken breast then cut into 7-8 small pieces.

2.    Using tongs, place chicken pieces into dish with coconut flour then roll each piece of chicken to coat completely.

3.    Mix cream into egg yolk then pour over coated chicken. Turn just a few times to coat pieces then let sit for 2-3 minutes.

4.    Heat oil in small frying pan. Place chicken pieces indivdually into pan. Cook several minutes turning each over 2-3 times until golden brown.

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