Coconut Butter Bunny

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 15 gram piece

Each Serving Provides:

4.5:1 Ratio   95 calories

Carbohydrate: 1.07 grams

Protein: 1.07 grams

Fat: 9.64 grams

Making this adorable bunny is very simple! It includes only 1 ingredient, coconut butter which is also called coconut manna. Simply melt the coconut butter and stir very well to incorporate the coconut oil floating on top of the jar with the coconut solids at the bottom of the jar.  Use a 2-piece mold to make a hollow figure. Pour the melted coconut butter into one-half of the mold of your choice, use paper clips to hold the 2 halves together, turn the mold to coat and place in the refrigerator to harden. If there are thin spots after it has hardened, simply break through the thin spot and pour more coconut butter inside the figure. Turn the mold to coat again and refrigerate to harden. We have included a few different mold options in our Amazon Keto Store, but any silicone or chocolate molds will work! 

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