Chocolate Delight

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Chocolate Delight

Recipe makes 5 serving

Each serving provides:

200 Calories  35:1 Ratio

0.3 gm Protien

22gm Fat

0.4gm Carbohydrate




69gm (3 T + 2 tsp) Coconut oil

40gm MCT oil (medium chain trygliceride oil) (2 T. + 2 tsp)

5gm (1 tsp.) Sunflower lecithin (recipe could be made with 5gm ground sunflower seeds)

7gm Cacoa Powder (unsweetened cocoa) - Sunfood

10gm (2 tsp) Davincii sugar-free Syrup-Chocolate

5gm (1 tsp) Davincii sugar-free Syrup-Peppermint


1. Mix MCT oil into coconut oil, stir until coconut oil melts. It will melt completely if you allow it to sit for several minutes or you can heat it slightly to melt it quickly.

2. Stir sugar-free syrups and cocoa into oils.

3. Divide evenly into 5 small containers such as shot glasses or the tasting glasses shown in the video.

4. Refrigerate until firm.


Note: This will last for weeks in the refrigertor.



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