How to whip heavy cream

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Gluten & Casein FreeHeavy Cream

Heavy cream can be included in ketogenic meals as a source of fat. In the Classic Ketogenic Diet, heavy cream provides up to half of the required fat in a meal. It is often diluted with water to make it appear and taste more like milk. Cream may also be whipped for a treat. Heavy cream is typically available with either 36% or 40% fat content. This refers to the amout of fat in 100gm of cream. The Nutrition label of cream in the U.S. displays 5gm of fat (which refers to 36%) or 6gm of fat (which refers to 40%) for a 15mL serving. Either may be used for the diet but the 36%, which is lower in fat, is more commonly available and less expensive. Your ketogenic meals can be creaeted with either cream as long as you have identified the one you are using in the meal calculation.

How to whip heavy cream

1. Use chilled cream. The colder the cream is, the easier it is to whip. Plan to whip the cream the moment you take it out of the refrigerator, rather than leaving it sitting on the counter for some time. The bowl you pour the cream into should also be chilled if possible.

2. Hand whipping: Using a large whisk, start whipping the cream in a circular direction. Whip as quickly as possible to help air change the consistency of the cream from a heavy liquid into a light, fluffy substance. You may need to change hands.

3. Electric mixer:Set the bowl of cream under a stand mixer and let the machine do all the work, or use a hand mixer to make gentle swirls in the cream while the beaters whip it up. Stop whipping to check if stiff peaks have formed. If you keep whipping for too long (which is easier to do with an electric mixer than by hand) the cream will turn to solid butter. If this happens to you, save the butter for meals.

4. Beverage blender: The new bullet-type beveragfe blenders will whip cream quickly. Pour up to cream in the smallest blender cup. Using the largest blade, whip until the blender motor changes pitch. This takes only seconds. Watch our video about this method.



The cream will whip up to about double it's volume after whipping.

Weigh the cream after it has been whipped for Classic Ketogenic meals.

The cream will stay whipped for about one week in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator.

Label the container with the same expiration date as the carton of cream.

Whip the amount you will need for an entire week at one time.



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