#132 My son extremely successfully completed the diet years ago.

Full question: My son had extremely successfully completed the diet years ago. After multiple types of seisures all day every day, he had not a single one for 5 years due to the diet. He also was never expected to be able to sit up or walk or understand language due to the level of brain damage he has, but at 15months of age, 2 weeks after starting the diet he sat up himself for the first time and started crawling 3 weeks later, now runs and jumps and talks (although has a significant delay- around 3 years developmentally, but 10 years old.
For the last year and a half I have a new partner now who has extremely increased the amount of lollies, cake etc he eats. He has started having myoclonic seizures for the last few months during the night or morning. I'm definitely not sure that the increase in sugars has caused this, but I'm wanting to know if there is any info out there about life AFTER the ketogenic diet, and if this could have done damage to our previous huge success?

Reply:  Although there is not currently a formal title to confirm this, there are people like your son who have a "metabolic" type of epilepsy. (Metabolic refers to how the body handles the food we eat). People who have a very positive response to te ketogenic diet, like your son did, have brains that are sensitive to sugar and other highly processed foods. Sugar is a very refined food that strongly affects  brain metabolism. Consider eliminating sugar and foods containing sugar (all sweets) for at least 2 weeks.  In addition, make sure your son has  fat with each meal such as olive oil, butter or cream.  The brain is comprised of 60% fat and prefers fat as a source of energy over carbohydrates. You will hopefully see those myoclonics dissapear. Please let us know.