#102 I have noticed that some folks say that vegetables when weighed and calculated as raw change in value once they have been cooked. Can you please clarify this?

Follow the description of the food item in the meal, for example;

If the menu states : "20gm Broccoli, raw" - then you should weigh it raw.
It may be consumed raw or you may choose to cook it; the calculation does not change.

If the menu states "20gm Broccoli - cooked" - then you should weigh it cooked.

Why do we have both options? To allow flexibility; some may want raw broccoli for a salad. Some may want to use the Group B Vegetable for Broccoli which only indicates the cooked form. Another possibility is if you wanted to sauté several vegetables together for a stir-fry. You would want to start with raw vegetables. I hope this clarifies this - it is a common question. Be